What is a Human Angel?

Second Wave of Empowerment Leaf There Before the Grace of you,  go I Human Angels Toad Stool Another Toad Stool Second Wave Crystal Child ..to reflect the magnifence of humans Purple is the color of the Universe. Big Hugs and gentle nudges Lightworker The phrase Human Angel has been used in literature for thousands of years. The Group has been talking about the evolution of Human Angels only since 1999. In a live channel presented in Eindhoven ,Holland, they presented the "7 gifts of the third millennium." In this message the 5th gift is that we are no longer the only planet of free choice. The Second Planet of Free Choice has begun and is in its own evolutionary time frame.

The Group says that as Angels in Heaven, their own highest purpose is to reflect the magnificence of humans. And that we as Humans are now beginning to evolve into higher vibrational status. The next stop on our evolutionary travels will lead some of us to become Human Angels.

A Human Angel is a person who makes a commitment to be placed by spirit at exactly the right juncture of time and space to make a positive contribution in the life of another human.

The Group is quick to point out that being a Human Angel can be very difficult as you rarely get to see the harvest of the seeds you plant. Also being a Human Angel means being ready to empower without taking responsibility or power from the human you are empowering. Not an easy task, as any Angel will tell you. Yet, making a commitment to be placed into situations where just a kind word, a touch, a smile, or a gift can help a person alter the course of their lives forever. This is the work of a Human Angel.

The Group also states that this is only a temporary post as those who choose the role of Human Angels are actually in training to play the role of Angels to the Second Planet of Free Choice.

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